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Unspoken Thank-You's

Gratitude is an area that all of us should work to strengthen … whether it comes naturally or not!!


I am soooo guilty of having way more gratitude in my heart than I take time to express. I may even be the world’s worst in this area. (not kidding!)


There have been dozens of times that I have literally written an entire thank you card in my head and never stopped to write and send those words.


May I confess something even worse than that? While cleaning out a “stack of papers” a few years ago, I discovered a really great thank-you card that I had written. The words said perfectly what I intended. I was even touched by my own words of thanks! And, yet, there it was in a big bunch of papers … never sent. For all that I believe about the value of expressing gratitude, that is an ultimate fail. My sweet friend never knew how very much I appreciated her.


What’s my problem?

» I have plenty of cute cards.

» I have a ton to thank others for.

» I have a heart overflowing with love and gratitude.

» I have words formed in my head.

» I have a zillion purple pens to write with.

» I have addresses at my fingertips.

» I have stamps ready for the occasion.

» I keep a list of folks that need to receive a card.

» I even have fairly decent handwriting!!


My goodness, just really slack in this area.

No excuses. Maybe I should even classify it as lazy.


Because I believe that we are never finished products (thank goodness!), I have a determination to grow in this area. That's exactly why "write notes" is on my VIP Meeting Agenda. (if you have no idea what that is, click here!!)


What about you? How do you do in this area?

Do you have any great tips for the rest of us??

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