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When Is Your Next VIP Meeting??

Whether you are a momma with littles at home or a leader of a ministry area or a gal building a business or a glorious combination of these …

THIS IS FOR YOU!! It’s important and it is possible.

Of all the meetings and appointments and dates that you have on your calendar each month, the most important one of all may be missing!! When is the last time you scheduled a VIP Meeting with YOURSELF?

Seriously! An uninterrupted time when you step away from the daily details to give specific focus on the larger areas of your life?

Don’t miss this!! Spending 2-4 hours per month of intentional time in this way can create an overall less stressed and more productive life.

So, how does one have a meeting like this? Let’s walk through the steps together and plan for our next one.

Decide to make it happen. Everything good begins with an intentional decision.

Take action. Pick a day and time in the next few weeks. Commit to it on your calendar by writing “VIP Meeting” and the time.

Protect that meeting. As you would with any other important calendared item, guard that time. When someone asks you to do something else, you already have a commitment on your calendar. Don’t give it up for anything short of a true emergency! It is that important.

Plan for the meeting. All excellent and efficient meetings begin with a well-thought agenda. As soon as you have it on your calendar, begin planning for it. Make necessary family & home arrangements. And, use this free agenda template for simple and effective planning.

Prepare for the meeting. In addition to the agenda, gather all necessary items for your time. Those things may include your computer, calendar, goals, Bible, blank notecards, 100+ Dreams List, legal pads, unlined paper, pens & pencils. What else will you need? A snack? Or, will your meeting run through a meal? If so, make plans for that as well. Think through all the details and be sure you have everything you need so you have minimal wasted moments.

Do it! On the designated day, take yourself and your items to the pre-determined location. I highly recommend putting your phone on airplane mode if you can’t turn it off completely for all or parts of your meeting. The fewer the interruptions, the better your time will be. Using your agenda, move through your time of stillness and thought and brainstorming and planning. As you are reviewing your calendar, be sure to schedule your next meeting for the following month.

Rinse & Repeat … you’ll be so glad you did! Your family will be glad. Your teams will be glad. Your business will be glad. It’s a win for everyone!

And, a word about location. In short, it matters!! As you are in the planning stages and once your date & time has been determined, think through all of your options. Get creative. What kind of space energizes you? What calms you? What kind of environment do you need to think and process? I have had meetings with myself at a corner table in Panera, starting with a breakfast bagel and staying right through a cup of soup for lunch. I’ve enjoyed quiet corners in libraries as well as picnic tables in state parks. For longer meetings (full day up to overnight), I have taken advantage of nearby retreat centers and a friend’s lake house. Do any of these locations spark an idea or two for you? The important thing is to be comfortable, uninterrupted and productive.

Ready? You have a very important meeting coming up!! And, for that, I’ve created a free Planning Template for you. It includes the agenda, tips and hacks as well as the 8 great questions. I’m excited to share this with you and I can’t wait to hear how your next meeting turns out.

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