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On Business Builders Retreat:
This was my very first retreat since I started my business.  I truly believe it will go down as a landmark event in my business journey.  Joy fostered such a great environment where I could get some BIG work done, for strong bonds with my fellow retreat friends (we were an online mastermind group that hired Joy to facilitate this retreat so we could meet in person for the first time), and have some much needed rest and relaxation.  I try to be tough and "do it all", but the simple fact that she took care of absolutely everything about the retreat was a blessing that I didn't even know how much I'd appreciate.  Even if she had just organized the logistics and cooked, she would have been worth her weight in gold.  But she did so much more.  She led us through some great sessions to think strategically about our businesses.  And her one-on-one session was extremely valuable, and I'm putting her advice into action.

Kate J.
Virginia Beach, VA

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