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Your Event!!

Your event is scheduled.

And, I will be part of it in some way.

I'm thrilled.

Thrilled to be working with you to make it awesome.

Thrilled to be serving your participants.

My Goals for Your Event

  • To know your goals so well that I make you successful.

  • To be a low-maintenance Guest Speaker/Coach.

  • To know your participants well enough to bring the words that God intends for them in that setting.

  • To have fun and enjoy the process.

  • To communicate in an excellent way both pre-event and during.

  • To not cause you stress!

  • To be a sounding board if you need one (event planning is super fun for me)

2022-11-11 17.31_edited.jpg

All the Details

For your promo purposes, here is a short bio and a few headshots that you can grab if you like.

Unless you require it, I will not be using slides so computer hook-ups, etc are not necessary for my part of your event.

If your space requires a mic, I'll be glad to use either kind. Otherwise, I'll put my "teacher voice" in action!

If I am speaking at your event, my requests are simple. I need a podium of some type (a music stand is fine) and a small table to display any resources or props that I may be using during the session.

And, with your permission, I would like to stay connected with your participants via email. They will have the option to give me their email address either on a card or via a QR code. 

Afterward, I would very much appreciate your feedback on this form.

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