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House Plants & Procrastination

Having live plants in my house is something I really enjoy. For lots of reasons. In the past few months, several were in desperate need of a larger container. Every single time I walked past them I was reminded. "Repot plants" was also on my list. So, why in the world did it take me sooooo long to make it happen?? When I finally took the time, it was nice to have my hands in the dirt (yep, that's fun for me) and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who puts things off. It drives me crazy. Yet, here is another example of moving a thing from one list to another intending for it to get done 'tomorrow'.

That would be procrastination at it finest. We're going to take a quick look at the topic today. And, by the end, you'll have a new tool (or a few) to help you combat your own version of procrastination. At minimum, some good reminders and encouragement!

 Procrastinate: the act of delaying/putting off tasks until the last minute or past the deadline.

We all do it to some degree and in some area of life.

So, let's go ahead and toss the guilt out the window and just deal with the topic.

And, let's acknowledge that you are not lazy. Lazy people simply don't do anything and are just fine with it. I can just about guarantee that since you're reading this post, this is not you.

Here are some ways to combat procrastination! Which have you tried? Which one(s) are new to you that might be helpful today?

  • Have a big enough why that you want to do that thing. (Since one of them nearly died, my why was to keep those plants alive.)

  • Have a "to-do today" list rather than a very long overwhelming list of everything that should/could get done one of these days. I'm actually an advocate for both of these lists but just be sure to have the "today" list in front of you at the very beginning of & throughout your day.

  • Implement some new habits that will guide you toward less procrastinating. (Atomic Habits by James Clear is an excellent resource)

  • Have a frequent review with yourself (love my VIP meetings).

  • Eliminate distraction. (... squirrel ...)

  • Recognize the warning signs. We're all experienced enough with procrastinating that we know what our own signs are. (For me, if I move the thing at least 2 times to another list, I'm likely putting it off!)

  • Create a time line/self-imposed deadline. (those plants were definitely going to be in new pots and looking good before an event that we are hosting at the end of the month)

  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you to take action. (that's what I love about Leadership Circles!!)

  • Create a bias toward action. Be in the habit of always taking small forward steps. Action perpetuates action. And, that helps tremendously with procrastination.

Cheering for you big. Now, go take care of that thing you've been putting off ...

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