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Why did I say YES to that??!?

Awhile back I fulfilled a commitment that I had agreed to. In the week leading up to it, I was really kicking myself for saying yes. I did it though the feelings in my heart did NOT match the smile I pasted on my face. And I'm pretty sure that grumpy feeling spilled out a time or two.

Sound familiar??

Backing up to the day that I was originally asked to do the thing, I wish so much that I had taken a pause. The key to a well thought out yes is a response something like, "Thanks for the opportunity. I'll definitely let you know (my answer) in a few days (or hours or whatever is appropriate for the size of the request)."

That pause, that bit of extra time, can be golden. Using that time to answer these questions can be extremely helpful.

Questions to ask BEFORE you say "yes"

  • Can I do it?

  • Am I the only one who can do it?

  • Do I know all of the details that I need to make the right decision?

  • What other questions do I need to ask before I give an answer?

  • Should this be a priority for me right now?

  • What will I not be able to do if I do this?

  • How will this affect my family?

  • Will I want to do it when the time comes? **Will my future self thank me?

  • Is it worth what it will take out of me?

  • Which decision will I regret? The yes. Or, the no.

  • Which decision makes me feel relieved? The yes. Or, the no.

There may be other questions you think of. The point is, take time. Be sure your YES is the best response for your current situations and season of life.

When you do say YES, it will be good. And right. And the smile on your face will be real!!

Cheering for you in a super big way today as we all get better at taking a pause to evaluate before we blurt out a "yes" every single time we get asked to do something!!

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