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That's a Great Idea!!!!

Updated: May 27, 2023

Ever get to a place where you need a break-through, a new idea, a fresh thought ... and you're just stuck????

Enter the IDEA BANK!!!!

What if, for that area you needed a break-through in, you already had a list of ideas that you could scan for possibilities? What if that list stirred some creativity and generated a new idea? What if that list got you unstuck and moving again??

So, what could you have Idea Banks (lists) for? Other than "everything" here are some very specific and recommended ideas. Some are better suited for those in ministry, others for gals in business, and most for every single busy woman reading this!!

  • date nights

  • holidays

  • volunteer/team appreciation

  • mission activities/trips

  • general ministry

  • books

  • health

  • recipes

  • home decor/organization

  • finance

  • vacations

  • kids/grandkids activities

  • gifts

  • blog posts

  • email topics

  • email subject lines

  • crafts

  • gardening

  • just for fun

Note: Idea Banks are NOT your To-Do Lists. An idea may get transferred to your to-do list at some point but this concept is simply to capture good ideas for easy reference before they are forgotten.

Where to Keep Those Fabulous Ideas!

{} Notebooks

{} File Folders

{} Pinterest Boards

{} Notes on Phone

{} Evernote (my personal favorite)

{} Tab in you planner

{} Google docs

Whatever you do, don't try to keep them in your brain!!!!

And, wherever you keep those lists, just be sure that you can find them easily, add to them often and go back to them when you need an idea. Bottom-line: be sure your method works for you and you actually work it!

Ideas for finding awesome ideas!!

  • on walks

  • books - fiction & non

  • podcasts

  • conferences

  • Leadership Circles

  • friends

  • in the shower!!

  • at the zoo

  • in a movie

  • other churches

  • other businesses

  • driving in the car

  • at a theme park

  • in bed right before you go to sleep

Develop the practice of looking for ideas everywhere you are!! Keep your eyes & ears open ... they will be there!

And, just because you capture an idea, does NOT mean that you are committing to it. It's simply an idea. It may or may not work for you. But, keeping it in your Idea Bank will give you access to it for future use or to spark creativity.

TIP - sometimes I need to capture an idea quickly and I'm on the go. I simply send a text message to myself. Leave it "unread" and go back to it when I can add it to my Idea Bank.

Whatever version/format of an Idea Bank you choose to run with, just be sure it works for you and that you actually use it. Cheering you on for a zillion new ideas that are captured for future use one of these days!!!

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