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Podcasts Galore!!

Podcasts are in my top 5 ways to intentionally and consistently give attention to my personal growth and lead myself well.

There are literally thousands (and thousands) to choose from. It has become a very popular platform for leaders in all areas of life to get their message out, to teach, to encourage and to inspire.

In this post, I’ll keep a running list of podcasts under various topics that you may find helpful in your own leadership journey. If you see one that looks interesting, subscribe to it and give it a try. You’ll typically know after 2-3 episodes if it is a keeper. If it is not, don’t hesitate to unsubscribe and delete it from your device. There are simply too many out there to keep one that is of no value.

FINANCIAL ~ The Ramsey Show

*** Looks like these are no longer creating new episodes but there is still a ton of great content available on past shows so I’m leaving them on the list.

I have either personally engaged with these podcasts or they have been recommended to me. If you should find one offensive or inappropriate in any way, please let me know ASAP so that I can review it again for this list.

What is currently on YOUR podcast list?? I’m always interested in recommendations so add yours to the comments for all of us to see!

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