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A Simple Thank You

It has been said that unexpressed gratitude is essentially the same as being ungrateful. Ouch!!

Can we ever say (or write) thank you enough? To all the people who should hear it from us? For all the many things they have done for us? For the gifts they have given to us? Is there such a thing as saying thank you too much?

Stop. Before you read any further. Who are 2 people that just came to mind that should be thanked by you? Will you go ahead and write those names on a piece of paper?

Seriously. Write those names down. I know you think you’ll remember but life is going fast so chances are it will slip your mind.

Now, back to it. Being more grateful and expressing that gratitude is likely something that we all could get better at.

What about if we made a plan to make that happen? Consider this:

  1. Find a 20-minute slot in your week to write thank you cards.

  2. Plan to write 2 cards at each setting.

  3. Gather a stack of cards, some stamps and your favorite pens together.

  4. Begin a list of people who should receive a nice note from you.

  5. Make it happen.

If we add this card writing into our weekly rhythm, we will be sending 4 cards per week. For a grand total of 104 cards per year!!! More than 100 smiles via snail mail for just 20 minutes a week.

Expressing gratitude should not be an add-on if we have time. It should be a frequent practice and sending cards in the mail is one way to be more intentional.

I need to purchase more stamps!!

What is YOUR next action on this?

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