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600 Seconds!!

I’m all about lists! To the extreme … I have been known to make a list of the things I need lists for. (I’m not sure if I am organized or need therapy)


Regardless of the type of list-maker you are, I’m going to encourage you to consider a 10-Minute List. This is not only a great list to make, it is also a fabulous time management strategy.

Have you ever found yourself with just a little bit of time before the next meeting or heading out to an appointment? It’s not enough time to begin a new project, not enough to give full attention to an email correspondence, not enough to have an important phone conversation, but it IS enough for something!


Cue the 10-Minute List! (a glorious 600 seconds)


What are the things in your life (office, home, car, yard, etc) that you could accomplish in just a matter of minutes? Jot them down. Lean heavily toward those things you often plan to do later. The quick things that seem to never get done because ‘later’ never comes …


Here are a few examples from my world (and my actual list):

  • pull weeds

  • start a load of clothes

  • write a thank you note

  • declutter car

  • send ‘just because’ text (to the one who first pops in my mind)

  • handle kitchen gadget drawer

Note that this particular list will not have things permanently marked off. And that may not be super satisfying to those of us with extreme list addictions. But, these are things that constantly need to be done. I don’t know about your kitchen, but my silly gadget drawer simply won’t stay organized and occasionally won’t even shut properly!! That will always be on my 10-Minute List since I don’t otherwise seem to make it a priority.


Try it. You might like it. AND, you may get more accomplished in 10 minutes than you thought possible rather than letting the moments slip by because you can’t decide what to do next!!


As busy women, when we get serious about managing our time, we likely discover that we really have more time than we thought. Let’s make the minutes count!!

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