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Summer Sanity Savers

Spending time with y'all was fabulous. Thanks for being such a fun group. My prayer is that you will find some fun (and easy and inexpensive) things to use with your kids on those long summer days. Always cheering for you big!! ~ Joy :)


Extra Sanity Tips

plan ahead. use timers.

say "get to" instead of "have to."

teach free/independent play at a young age.

Don't forget the library. And local museums & parks.

Presentation Matters!!

paper chains ~~ monthly calendars ~~ plastic eggs

numbered index cards taped on fridge

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Summer Fun

Lots of Ideas!!

  • Big Plastic Cups (ABCs, Books of Bible, etc)

  • Marshmallows + Toothpicks

  • Extra Large Boxes (decorate, cut windows/doors, etc)

  • Noodles (necklaces, color, pictures, sensory bins)

  • Scavenger Hunts (printable options here!)

  • Envelope Trips

  • Swap a Box of Toys with Another Family

  • Random Acts of Kindness


Special Day Ideas

Backwards Day; Red (in color) Day; Watermelon Day; PJ Day; Game Day; Christmas In July; Heart (any shape) Day, Fun in the Kitchen Day; Winter/Snow Day

** Especially for Dads!

backyard camping, water days, shaving cream fun. obstacle courses and relays

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