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Mom Camp 2022

Spending time with y'all was fabulous. Thanks for being such a fun group. My prayer is that you will continue making it practical as you are on mission for Him and teaching your kids to do the same. Below are additional resources that may help you on that journey.

Extras from Session 1

The challenge: to lead ourselves well!!

The person in the mirror is the most difficult person to lead but if we are intentional about it, the overflow to others in our lives will be exponential.

We got super practical here! From all areas of spiritual disciplines to reading & podcasts to having mentors to managing time well and becoming excellent communicators to our 100+ Dreams List, we covered a ton in a short amount of time. Here are a few additional resources if you want to go deeper in some of these areas:

Woman Reading a Book
Volunteers Serving Food

Extras from Session 2

The challenge: to cultivate our own servant's heart.

This is a way to lead ourselves well. It is also foundational in creating a home/raising children in which being on mission is a natural part of life. It must start with us!

Serving is an act of obedience. It is helping others. It combats selfishness. It teaches us about ourselves ~ highlights God-given strengths and exposes sin. Serving helps us become better leaders of our families and teams. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning about what you might be able to do during this season of life:

  • serve in a local food pantry or soup kitchen once a month

  • volunteer at VBS (if you are not on church staff. doesn't count if you are!)

  • go on a mission trip (local or international)

  • do anonymous acts of kindness (this one really helps combat selfish issues because there are zero pats on the back!!)

  • volunteer at a big conference rather than attending

  • serve with a disaster relief organization

  • read to children in an elementary school on a regular basis

  • teach a homeschool class once or twice a month & give those moms a little time to catch their breath

  • play games with folks in assisted living homes

  • make meals for neighbors for no reason (wouldn't a pan of lasagna be a nice surprise for you?? do it for someone else)

  • find a way to encourage college students in your life (meals, cards, take them to QT for a slushy and fill up their tank)

Extras from Session 3

The challenge: to guide our children toward a missional lifestyle that is natural and normal and forever.

Let's parent with the end in mind! Our heart's desire is for our child(ren) to live a life loving Him and loving others. And, to demonstrate that love by serving others in practical ways throughout their adulthood.

Teaching kids to serve shows them how to be obedient to Scripture in the area of ministry/serving/missions. It teaches responsibiity and the importance of honoring their commitments. It teaches acceptance of others and meeting people where they are. And, serving with our kids brings the family closer together. Here are some practical ideas to get you started tailoring the right opportunities for your family: :

  • Donate a box of toys to a local women's shelter. Let kids pick out toys, puzzles, games, gently used stuffed animals, etc. Make a card and deliver together. 

  • Make homeless bags to keep in the car and give away when the opportunity presents itself.

  • Pack OCC shoeboxes. 

  • Do "rake & run" Saturdays. Don't give the residents time to offer any money!

  • Play games with residents of assisted living homes.

  • Bake cookies for local homeless shelter, teacher's room at a school, emergency responders, hospital staff, etc.

  • volunteer w/ Meals on Wheels

  • take flowers to someone

  • pick up trash in a local park

  • make a list of people to pray for and check up on ... discover their needs and try to meet them

  • let kids brainstorm other ideas with you!

Here are a few great resources to explore further as you are on this fabulous parenting journey!

~ Pennies of Time web site ... so many excellent ideas.

~ and, this podcast episode!

Mother and Daughter Love

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