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Love Languages & Kids

Spending time with y'all was fabulous. Thanks for being such a fun group. My prayer is that you will continue making it practical as you love your kids individually & in a way that they really hear/feel it. Below are additional resources that may help you on that journey.

Pink Tricycle

Quick Question Assessment

  • “Can I help you?” - service.

  • “Did I do a good job?” - words of affirmation.

  • “Do you like the picture I colored for you?” - gifts.

  •  “Can I snuggle with you?” - physical touch.

  • “Can I go with you?” - time.

And, you can find the Love Languages Quiz HERE. As you're exploring this topic, it would be great for you and your husband to know what your primary is!!

And, here's a printable that could be used as an easy reference/cheat sheet ...

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