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Created for Community

We are created for connection ... and not just the social media kind! Our deepest longings are to be known and to be in true community. If we're not careful, we'll create such an ideal vision of this in our heads that reality will never satisfy. 

Spending time with y'all was fabulous. Thanks for being such a fun group. My prayer is that you will continue making it practical as you create & enjoy community as God intends. Below are additional resources that may help on that journey.


Baby Shower

Let's Stay Connected!!

Thanks for giving me permission to be in your Inbox.

I hope you find those weekly emails helpful in your personal development for all the many roles you have.

In addition, I'd love to offer you a complimentary 15-minute coaching/encouragement conversation to process this topic (or any other) and to make it practical. Just click below to find a slot that works for both of our calendars.

Friends Taking Selfie

Encouragement from a Girl Who Knows!!

To every girl who gave it her all and still had the friendship end—it’s okay.

To every girl who tried and tried and tried and gave and gave and gave but still had to draw some tough boundaries to protect her heart—it’s okay.

To every girl who put her whole self into it and still ended up heartbroken—it’s okay.

To every girl who has cried more tears than anyone else will ever know—it’s okay.

To every girl who loved with all she had and still felt like she wasn’t enough—it’s okay.

To every girl who spoke/wrote/acted with the purest of hearts and still had her intentions get twisted—it’s okay.

To every girl who felt betrayed and isn’t sure she can ever trust again—it’s okay.

To every girl who has some deep wounds and insecurities from friendships long, long ago—it’s okay.

To every girl who messed up but has made sure to put in the work to change and grow and learn—it’s okay.

To every girl who desperately wants good friends but feels like she’s missing that thing that makes other people want to know her—it’s okay.

You’re enough.

You’re worthy.

You aren’t broken.

Things will blossom again.

You are capable and you have what it takes. In fact, you have everything you need right now.

Friendship is hard. It’s true. It doesn’t always work out the way you plan, or the way it should and sometimes friendships are only for a season, and that can be incredibly painful. But please keep loving well.

Hold onto who you are. Go out there and connect and build relationships and find your people. You’re learning a little bit every single time. You’re getting a little stronger, a little wiser, a little more confident.

It won’t always be perfect, but it will always always always be worth it.

Love, Amy

(Amy Weatherly on Facebook)

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