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Connecting The Dots!

we are made for true connection ...

... and not just the social media kind! Our deepest longings are to be known and to be in true community. If we're not careful, we'll create such an ideal vision of this in our heads that reality will never satisfy. Our time will be spent exploring multiple ways to enjoy real connection with spouses, friends, church family, neighbors and others. We'll chat about real life, practical ways to make it happen and to nourish that deep longing of our heart. Let's connect the dots together!

Smiling for the Camera
Opening Baby Shower Gifts

The BIG 5 For Real Community!

1. Eliminate "fine"

2. Do hospitality. A lot.

3. Share sadness & celebration.

4. Fight against comparison.

5. Fill in the gaps properly.

Dive Deeper

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Thursday, May 19

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